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Posted on July 21, 2010 at 4:12 PM Comments comments (0)

Ever watch a sleepy baby? She may lay down in the middle of an activity or cry till put to her bed, or show a temper. My daughter would lay down in the middle of the floor or put her head on her high chair tray in the middle of a meal and be sound asleep. It took some time for me to learn from her example.

What happened? The body recognized its need for rest and simply took it. What would happen if more of us took a rest or nap period when our boday asked for it? I can hear all the excuses now. But the truth is.....We would be healthier and more productive, that's what!

Many of us schedule long days and short nights, writing "to do" lists before going to bed instead of "got done" lists to remind us of our productivity and successes of the day. When we can't sleep we try "sleep aids,or watch tv or walk the house,  thinking there must be something wrong that needs to be medicated to force sleep so we can get up and get busy again.

What is happening? Why can't we sleep? Why do we need aids? We have forgotten how to STOP! LOOK! and LISTEN!

Our society has taught us to work hard to earn a living and so we should. But we have neglected the lessons of moderation and healthy balance. Taking time for a meal, a rest, a conversation. Just sitting or reading or playing with our children is a healthy activity often crowded out by what an old author once called "The Tyrany of the Urgent." Our bodies require physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual rest. If deprived, even a little each day, we slowly become depleted. Sleeplessness, headaches, nausea, impatience, signs of stress begin to rule our days and our nights.

What if we learn to listen to our bodies? For example,  according to Dr. Mercola (www.mercola.com) "daily brushing and flossing may also help stave off diabetes." When we need to care for ourselves it has become easy to put it off till tomorrow. Eventually we get run down, catch a cold, have a headache or other symptom. Symptoms are the body's shout for attention. Usually what it needs is rest!

If you have followed my story, you know I continue to recover from a riding accident. Although I am back to work, I have to pay close attention to my body, what I eat and drink, how much I rest, what exercise helps or hinders---the messages my body gives me each day. Some days I schedule rest! The next day I work. Some days I do both! The more I am attune the healthier I get. When over doing it I may exhibit headaches, nausea and vomiting, hot flashes, excessive thirst, impatience or anger, irrational fear, anxiety, crying and pain.  These are a variety of ways my body tells me to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN! Yep, just like when we learned to cross the street. Do any of these sound familiar?

To be able to cross the street of healthy daily living I have to STOP and determine my motive for the activity I am about to embark on. I have to LOOK at the possible consequences to my health of one choice or another (am I already tired or sore? do I need a meal? do I exhibit symptoms?) And I have to LISTEN--if I have negative symptoms I need to address the cause and generally it is lack of rest and so I must rest.

What about you?  There is much more to this story. Stay tuned---to your own body! Check in again for updates! STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN.

Thinking, Speaking and Healing

Posted on April 13, 2010 at 8:56 AM Comments comments (0)

A few weeks ago I sustained a life changing back injury as the result of being thrown from a horse (not my own horse!).  I landed on my right hip, bounced in the air and landed on my tailbone, bounced in the air and landed again on my right hip. My landing spot was a pile of large, sharp- edged stones and I lost all feeling in my extremities and of course had the breath knocked out of me.

My first reaction was fear and wanting to breath. Normal. My next reaction was panic because I felt nothing. The people around me wisely worked to help me control my breathing. If you have never tried transition breathing as with birthing a baby, it is a useful skill. I have used it over the years to manage pain and focus as I was receiving various treatments. But this was really serious. I could sense that I was going into shock.

Remembering my first lesson from Parelli (people & horse training) that I had recently studied, I spoke healing to my body OUT LOUD. This is really important, I told myself, "stay present in this moment. Receive what has happened and focus on gaining self control and breathe, breathe, breathe!" I also called on God, sometimes in one word prayers but I said, "God, I allow You to begin my healing right here and right now."  I had to consciously ignore the "to do" list in my head as I seemed to have a committee in my head suggesting who needed to be called to cancel, who needed to know of my accident, how would I pay bills and you can imagine the list could have gone on and on.  I stated out loud prayers, scriptures and words of healing.

My friends got my oils kit and as I focused to remember what oils to use and to identify where on my feet to apply them as well as to focus on my body to know where to apply the oils on my back, I calmed. This focus directly affected my immediate beginning of healing.

Because we were far out in the country it was awhile before the squad could arrive and once on a back board and covered with blankets out of the wind I had to decide to accept or reject pain meds. While I have not used any allopathic medications in years with the exception of tylenol or similar from time to time, I reailized I needed to allow my body to relax so that the healing would not be delayed. I accepted the IV's and the drug and began to be able to claim the process of healing out loud.  I learned an important lesson, my body is not yet healthy enough to do without these helps and thank the Lord for them! I also asked the people in the squad to pray with me out loud. I believe without a doubt that this was a huge turning point in my healing within the first hour after the accident, out loud prayer and scripture.

I was helicoptered to the trauma center because while I could ID the injury was to my tail bone, my hip and my T12 and T11, they believed I had either a broken or dislocated pelvis. They would not allow me to drink my alkaline water though I KNEW it would decrease inflamation. They believed I would need major surgery. I simply stated out loud that I had no broken bones or pelvis and that no surgery would be required.

The final diagnosis was compression fractures of the T12, T11, L2 and Tail Bone.  Interesting!

I have continued to REST REST REST. Furthermore,  have  used acupuncture, reflexology, cranial sacraal, applied chiropractic, ion detox foot bath and use herbs and essential oils applied topically and taken internally 3-4 times a day and drinking 70+ ounces of Alkaline water daily. My healing continues every day and I am so grateful. I am reading and quoting scriptures that have to do with healing and the spoken word out loud 3-4 times a day. I also am journaling and staying in the moment instead of worrying about what will happen next. God has taught us that we are to be in a relationship with Him! There have been many many people who have reached out with meals, cleaning, dog walking and other forms of care. I am learning to receive all this goodness as part of my healing!

Now... I am a Reflexologist and I believe surely that I can help people to heal, and I also know that as my client and I state healing words out loud, that healing is positively affected!

Watch my blog for more on this and other topics.  I will list the oils I used on that day and the oils I am using in my recovery!