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Ice Cream for Breakfast

Posted on January 27, 2012 at 6:50 AM

When I was a kid we were required to show evidence of breakfast by leaving our cereal bowl in the sink on Sat. morning BEFORE we could have a bowl of ice cream while watching cartoons. So I would eat a small amount of Cheerios, leave one or two in the bowl with a drizzle of milk and put it in the sink. Then I would make a big bowl of ice cream with Hershey’s syrup, Spanish peanuts and whipped cream and enjoy my cartoons.

In my midlife I remembered back and realized that I had slowly trained my body to ingest fat, and sugar and to be sedentary. No wonder I weighed 140 in 6th grade and 160 in college! In college we had an amazing chef (yes they cooked food from scratch and had the best chocolate pudding cake and Sunday sweet rolls on the planet! not to mention roast beef, mashed potatos, goulash, etc. etc.). I worked in the dining hall so it was easy to get extras after our shift and I had no self control. By that time of my life I ate what I liked and did not make the connection that my skin problems, frequent chest colds and endometriosis were likely related to a very unhealthy lifestyle.

In my mid 20’s I ate fast food because it was cheap and easy to obtain. And if I am honest, I ate it because it was a novelty, something we didn't have growing up and advertising can be a powerful mental force! If I was in Detroit visiting families I could run in and use the rest room and get a burger,  fries and coffee for less than $2! Since I had to raise the donations to pay my wages I was frugal! Carrying a lunch never occurred to me! So I stayed in the 140 to 150 range and I thought I was "too busy to exercise." At only 5' 2" that was not healthy.

fast forward to 1979...

The day after our honeymoon the decision was announced, “we are fat so we are joining weight watchers!” It was a blow but it was good because I learned a new way of cooking and living and went to 110! I maintained that weight until I went to work in a factory and ate the sweets in the break room and went out to lunch nearly every day!

Fast forward again….

At 59 I can say that I maintain at 134. The only time in the past 25 years I weighed more was during my pregnancy and in the weeks after I broke my back when I swelled up like a pumpkin from the trauma! Today I maintain that 134 weight. I eat better and am more active. So why do I still get colds and flu and sore throats? Shouldn’t I be healthy all the time?

Well no. It took years to get to this place of new thinking and living. I am still cleansing my body of the toxins built up over time. That’s why I do a cleanse every time the seasons change, use a Detox foot spa every week, get reflexology and massage once a month or more and acupuncture when I can fit it in. That’s why I cook only organic food and eat mostly raw vegetables and very little meat and when it is meat or fish it is wild caught or pasture fed. That is why I use supplements, essential oils and photonic therapy. And I stretch daily, do deep breathing and exercise. My skin rarely breaks out any more (I suffered with Excemea and Endometriosis for 18 years!) and it is why I have less frequent intestinal issues. I exercise daily and some times twice a day.

Why does this blog talk about me? because I hate reading "you" statements---they seem to point a finger and I know I have to live what I am talking about. I want to know that the person talking has some exprerience and isn't trying to talk me into something! At 59 I am learning how to be healthy for a life time! BUT let me be clear.... there are still times when a pharmaceutical is needed. For me, purist thinking (natural is good, pharmaceutical is bad)  is not in someone’s best interest.  We each need to get ourselves to begin healing changes….one day at a time and one change at a time. Remember, we got sick over time so we need to recover over time.

Take the time it takes! If you want to begin some of those changes, call,  email, or text me! I'll be glad to help and encourage you on the road to lifelong health! 

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