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                                         Ion Detox Foot Spa

Always consult your medical provider before using any complementary methods.

Promises are not stated nor implied and no medical advise or diagnosis is stated or implied by this practitioner on this site or in person.

Each individual is responsible for his or her own health care. These services are considered complimentary and are at the personal choice of the client. 


What is an Ionic Foot Detox?

          An Ionic Foot Detox treatment may help detoxify the body. On puts his or her feet into a solution of water and sea salt with an "array" designed to use positive and negative ionization to assist the body in releasing toxins.  Detoxification is considered one of the most beneficial health options available.  

Please refer to: Total Body Detoxification: The Way To Healthy Aging Paperback – January 2, 2014

by Robert E. Moroney (Author) for more information that includes Ion Foot Detox. 

*Always consult your medical provider before using any complementary method. 

         Autism One recommends ion foot detox to families to possibly assist with, and to encourage hope and wellness for people with autism (ASD) due to its excellent reported results in assisting with the removal of heavy metals.  See their site for information, research data and more. 

        We bought an Ion Foot Detox Spa for our own health. I personally do a detox foot spa regularly.   After my March 2010 back injury I used it every other day and believe the detox, in cooperation with other complimentary products and services, aided with removing inflamation and promoting bone healing. Some medical diagnoses of past clients have included Parkinsons, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Heavy Metals toxicity, Broken Bones, and Arthritis. While no provider may diagnose, prescribe or promise any results similar to another person, it is encouraging to know a variety of individuals have found support using this in addition to their pharmaceutical and complimentary (non-pharmaceutical) products.

 How often does one do this?      Ion foot detox  is generally  recommended for 10 weekly sessions then asses your situation to determine how often to continue.

 Who can benefit? If you experience one of these symptoms or illnesses, research shows you may benefit from a regime of Ion Detox Foot Spa treatment.........Nausea? Constipation? Cold ? Flu? Confusion? Difficulty concentrating? Aches/pains? Arthritis or injury? Sleepless nights?  ASD? Parkinsons? 

            Clients have often found relief or improvement from various symptoms  after a detox foot spa experience.  A disclaimer, release of responsibility and permission form will be required. The provider can make no diagnosis or prescribe any treatment no can any promises be implied or stated.

           While not a medical device and no promises will be made and no prescription or diagnosis will be offered by this provider, web page, spa manufacturer or by me or representatives of Tipp Health Shoppe, our experience prompts us include this service option.

           As with all homeopathic, non medical and non allopathic services, and non-pharmaceutical products, we recommend you consult your physician or medical provider prior to using the spa. If you have lost an organ, have any artificial inserts in your body (pacemeker, pins, etc.) you cannot use a detox foot spa. It is always at your own risk and no promises or claims will be made regarding the use and personal success you may experience.

What is a session like?

          You will be asked to remove all jewelry and metal and to turn off cell phones. Put your bare feet into the warm water and  we add refined sea salt to activate the ionization. Watch it change colors as the toxins seem to be released and removed from your system. While we cannot support the color theory published in some web sites (that the colors in the water refer to the body system being detoxed) our personal experience and that of our clients suggests that you may find relief. Many sleep better that very first night. Over time many clients report feeling improved energy, more restful nights, and lessening symptoms. While no one can promise such results, they are encouraging enough to offer this service.

           The Array will sit in the water with your feet on each side. The timer will be set and the strength of ionizing will be set to low, medium or high and the refined sea salt will be added a little at a time (usually less than 1/2 tsp).  Some people feel a slight tingling or itching.  If uncomfortable the setting is lowered. The shortest session is 15 minutes of ionization, but a person may choose to stop at any time.  See the photos below to view my own before, during and after session. These are my own feet!

Drinking electrolytes and water enhance success of the spa treatment?

           We will invite  you to drink an electrolyte product from EmergenC called ElectroMix or you may bring your own (Gatoraid type drink). We also will ask you to drink at least 64 ounces of water in 24 hours to aid in the flushing of toxins after the spa experience.


What is the cost?

             A detox session from in the door to out the door including 30-35 minutes in the foot bath requires a 45 minute commitment.

Charge is $25 per session. Pre-pay for 10 treatments at $200, a savings of $50.


This is of one of my own detox sessions in 2009 at the end of 30 minutes. See below for middle and beginning!.


This is the middle, 15 minutes into a 30 minute session.

This is the BEFORE, ready to go,sea salt is in there but as you see, clear.