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              Products and Services

Reflexology    45 Minutes $40  we use Young Living Oils no extra charge

                             20 Minutes $25

Raindrop Technique  90+ Minutes $85 using Young Living Oils


other services:

Detox Foot Bath    30 Minutes Spa time $25 (10 prepaid $200 save $5 per treatment)

Photonic Torch, Level 1 Certified,  used as a part of your Reflexology session if desired. Applications for Equine, Canine and Feline $25 per application plus travel fee $10 within Miami County $10 plus 30¢/mile outside Miami County

Travel to Your Location  services available at your location will incur a travel fee: $10 within Miami County or $10 plus 30¢  mile outside Miami County. I will not serve a man alone in his home or other location, there must be a woman in the area and the door is left open.

 Corporate Events      Reflexology relaxation sessions, 10-20 minutes each for hands or feet available for your business-owners to serve your associates.  Please call for details and pricing.

Gift Certificates $5 off  $35 for 45 minutes 





 Call to schedule a home demonstration for you and your friends. 

(No Travel fee in Miami County for groups of 4 or more)

Samples included in demonstrations.  937-477-8588


More information may be found at these sites:

       Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and supplements:    www.youngliving.com

       Ningxia Red Health Beverage: www.ningxiared.com

Presentation of what makes a Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil: SeedtoSeal.com 


For assistance with equine, canine and feline consider the Photonic Torch:




All treatments by appointment only

Call Carla at: 937-477-8588

Service locations in Troy and Centerville

eMail: tipphealthshoppe@yahoo.com


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