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                         A Healing Journey after injury, March 2010 to present....

In March of 2010 I experienced a trail riding accident resulting in fractured vertebrae and tail bone. Besides the temporary pain and disability this imposed, I was able to personally learn the healing process and pain relief benefits of the work I had done for four years by being on an intensive regime. This included weekly detox foot spa, and  a treatment once a week rotating reflexology, chiropractic, acupuncture and after several weeks, added therapeutic massage. Herbs, supplements, juices and essential oils taken orally combined with oils applied to my injuries from the very moment I "came to" on the ground that cold wet day have been a part of my healing. For many years these quality therapeutic grade essential oils have been a part of my daily routine but until this one major, life-changing event, I had not understood the amazing emotional and physical support they offered in my process of recovery. I can personally attest to the amazing benefits of what I do and the products I offer to you, my valued clients. My caregivers told me to expect 6 months to a year before I could return to work. While not at a full 40 hour week, I began taking 1-2 clients a week after 12 weeks of healing! (Yes, I rested, walked, stretched, used products, and rested for 12 weeks!  I also did lots of reading and praying as that is a good time to reflect on one's life, values, dreams and goals! I also enjoyed a few novels during this time!)

Today I serve a large clientele, volunteer in an after school program, sub teach and of course, offer home presentations of the essential oils, encouraging visitors to smell, taste, and consider what may support your healthy lifestyle. Slowly I have learned to listen to my body, to rest, slow down, and to use the products.  Receiving healing touch from qualified practitioners has enhanced my progress.  My journey of healing continued as I added long walks with  my dog, yoga and stretching to my routine. As my opportunites to live a full life have expanded I am able to enjoy trail riding again as well as travel. The benefits of complimentary products and services cannot be overstated.

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